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Legacy Family Counseling

My Approach

I take a pretty existential approach with a lot of things. Using a trauma-informed mindset (more on that later) My goal is to get you out of your head, and help you mix that with your emotions. Sometimes, we make agreements with ourselves that create a mindset that gets toxic. Sometimes, we know we need to make changes, but just can't get there. Sometimes memories and pain (and the shame that comes with them) make it feel impossible to ever feel whole and clean ever again. The good news is that we are not the sum-total of our choices and past experiences. There's more - so much more!- that we can create. NO ONE is ever too far gone or too broken to make changes. 

About me

After working with veterans, homeless and high risk families, substance abuse disorders, eating disorders, and inpatient facilities for 15 years, I really wanted to become a different part of the solution. People fascinate me, honestly. Our pain, our past, our choices, and our resiliency is truly inspiring to me. I am a tenacious optimist with sarcastic side that finds the humor in a lot of situations. I'm a lot; I'm too much for some, but I love people hard, and see the beauty in the challenges of life.

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